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This website has been created FOR INVESTORS, BY INVESTORS.  We are not professional stock promoters, and this is no “pump and dump” scam to hype up a garbage penny stock.  We all come from different professions and met randomly on an online investing/trading forum.  Through our conversations and shared research, we became so utterly amazed at the opportunity we had discovered that we felt compelled to share it with the world.

Besides, lets face it, the more people that know about this stock, the more people buy the stock, and that can only help the share price go up!  Letting everyone in on this opportunity is a win/win for everyone. We feel that this stock will eventually (within 5-10 years) be 100x it’s current price (as of the time of this writing, January 2020).  

The Case for Senseonics (NYSE:SENS)

Price as of recommendation: $0.85/share

The Problem

Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing health..

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The opportunity

We are in the midst of a sea change in medical…

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The Product

Eversense CGM: The current field of competitors now..

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Share price

As of this writing, Senseonics has an unbelievably..

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Growth & Sales

Here are a few main bullet points to keep in mind..

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